Judd Melón for 34th District Representative

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Smarter Government, Democratic Values

I am a former public school teacher where I served as an elected member of my local union’s executive board and scholarship committee. I have long advocated for workers’ rights and progressive causes. I have volunteered on campaigns to increase the minimum wage, limit predatory charter school expansion, guarantee paid medical and maternity leave and limit the workload burden on nurses. I have also volunteered on campaigns for Democratic candidates for local, gubernatorial and presidential races. Currently, I am a real estate agent and a small business owner. I proudly live in scenic East Haddam with my wife, our dog and our chickens. If elected Representative for the 34th District, I will improve state government to better serve the people. In stark and tragic terms, Covid-19 has laid bare the essential role of government to protect our lives and our livelihoods in times of crisis. We can and must rise to the challenge. If you share my concerns and my vision, I invite you to join the campaign and share your voice. Together, we can assure that our public institutions are stronger than before the pandemic and equipped to help our communities recover and thrive once again. You can reach me at juddfor34@gmail.com or through the “Contact” page on this site or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juddfor34 .


Three central priorities of our campaign include: addressing our healthcare needs, increasing economic opportunity and improving how our government institutions serve us.

  • Support creation of a public healthcare option that any CT resident could buy into and which is modeled on existing public employee plans. This would reduce healthcare costs, increase healthcare access, increase employee job mobility and reduce the burden on employers to provide healthcare plans.
  • Increase capacity for CT to manufacture PPE and essential medical equipment. This would improve PPE supply and reduce its cost since it would minimize the need for CT, in times of shortage, to bid against other states, territories and the federal government for supplies sourced nationally and internationally. This would save lives and create jobs in CT.
  • Require that all postings for jobs in CT disclose the salary range. This would allow employees to know what they could earn and make informed decisions. This would benefit all workers and particularly workers from underpaid groups.
  • Stop the growth of regressive taxation. CT is one of the few states whose pre-Covid-19 workforce had decreased since the 2008 recession. For that, and other structural and political reasons, CT struggles to address its budget obligations. Taxing regular people on items that they need is not a solution to those deficits. While CT is one of the states with the most millionaires, it is also one of the states with the most income inequality. We need to fundamentally restructure how we tax and spend money. If you are a single parent buying a prepared meal at the supermarket, that meal is taxed at 7.25%. If you are a childless single person earning a salary of $1 million dollars per year, your income is taxed at 6.99%. That does not make sense. I think that the state should tax carefully and spend wisely. Most of us are being taxed too much.
  • Empower CT legislators to vote from anywhere and require them to at least meet virtually during times of crisis to address the need for emergency legislation. In this session, the CT legislature passed only one bill before closing. Normally, Representatives and Senators earn a minimum of $28,000 to serve from February to early May in even years and January to early June in odd years. It seems reasonable for legislators to stay in session and address emerging needs of the public in a responsible way.
  • Allow excuse-free mail in voting in CT for all local, federal and special elections. Vote by mail in CT is safe and it is our right. More engaged voters can assure better governance.
  • Increase high-speed internet connectivity across CT. As the pandemic has shown, internet is a basic necessity for all. Our academic and economic prosperity as well as our social interconnectivity and health all partially depend on internet access.
  • Support our schools in becoming more adaptable to distance learning, especially in times of crisis. Resources and best practices should be shared statewide.
  • There is much more to accomplish. These ideas are just a start. More will be added throughout this campaign. Please share your insights.

Getting Involved

If you are interested in discussing policy or working for the campaign, please contact us at juddfor34@gmail.com, or through the contact page of this website or through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juddfor34.

We Deserve Better Representation

We believe that a voter’s choice between candidates should be based on the policies that either will advance if you elect them to represent you. We believe in listening to residents and representing their interests. The incumbent Representative for the 34th has a voting record that profoundly differs from the vision that our campaign has outlined above. We encourage you to look into that record. These are some important votes that you might care about:

  • Rep. Haines voted against requiring the release of police camera videos. (SB 380)
  • Rep. Haines voted against paid family and medical leave. (SB 1)
  • Rep. Haines has voted against requiring a warrant or judicial order for law enforcement to detain an individual on a civil immigration detainer. (SB 992)
  • Rep. Haines voted against requiring that climate, Latino studies and other important topics be included in school curricula. (HB 7083)
  • Rep. Haines voted against increasing access to voting. (HB 7160)
  • Rep. Haines voted against raising the minimum wage. (HB 5004)

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